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    Neurobiology of Male and Female Behavior

    I’m going to start with a four-letter word that begins with “F”…got your attention on that one, didn’t I? Okay, my four-letter word is probably not the word that popped in your head right now!! Instead, let's take a look at FEAR and the role FEAR plays in our lives, how we are immobilized by FEAR, how it keeps us stuck in unhealthy patterns, in bad relationships and away from good relationships. We can begin to better understand how and why we function the way we do when the neurobiology of fear and the brain differences between genders become part of that discussion.

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    Happiness in life is key. Too often, we wear a veil of perceived happiness without really looking deeply at what makes us happy.


    We surround ourselves by things, events, and activities that keep us busy from thinking and feeling what is really important to us. By uncovering the dramas and traumas in our lives, we can discover how our attitudes and beliefs are shaped through those life experiences, our family dynamics, and the choices we make in the present.


    FEAR immobilizes us from taking action even when we know that the situation isn’t right for us. Looking at FEAR from a neurobiological perspective helps us take action towards better choices.


    Universal Principal

    The dynamics of human relationships, particularly intimate relationships, are both complex and simple. They are complex given multiple factors contributing to who we are…the usual mix of family, culture, religion, geography, generation, and many more. Those dynamics actually become quite simple when we boil it down to the basic biological hard-wiring that all humans have. When combining this knowledge with an understanding of brain differences between genders, it all boils down to some pretty basic fundamentals.


    By understanding these differences and similarities, understanding our choices in relationships becomes easier. Not to say we won’t keep making mistakes, but we can at least come from a more solid foundation and not be so emotionally scarred or afraid of the next relationship.

    Future Solution

    Taking a look at the role FEAR can play in our relationships helps us recover from the shame, guilt, and remorse that are often felt as a result of poor relationships. Instead, we can uncover a source of hope, encouragement, compassion and courage to take a different pathway, to make bold choices, and take significantly different paths to action. Often times, we take things so personally, perceive failure, and cast doubt about ourselves. By understanding the intricate dynamics of how the brain works, the neurotransmitters involved, we can begin to unravel the forces that shape our behavior.


    My vision for a future of relationships between men and women is for both to make healthier adjustments as “life happens” and to discover how to uncover the natural happiness that lies within. My goal is help people feel safe and comfortable in exploring their uniqueness without feeling that something is “wrong” with them. To help people have conversations about differences rather than argue about them.

  • FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real

    Zig Ziglar

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    In spite of my extensive training in the psychology of human behavior, the bottom line is that I am human, just like you. And, as humans, we make choices, right, wrong or indifferent, about what we do, how we do it and with whom we do it. FEAR kept me in a relationship for six years that was not healthy for me. So many life traumas happened in a short period of time that I clung on to what I perceived to be a solid foundation, not realizing how the relationship was actually chipping away at my self-confidence and success. Once I really examined what kept me in the relationship versus my vision for myself, it was like a light bulb going off.


    I developed my passion for helping people in tough situations from watching my dad crash and burn as a successful businessman to a lost soul…financially, emotionally, and legally. I became fascinated with what makes people tick and what drives their behavior. I also realized that as the 7th of 9 children where we were to be seen but not heard that I had to discover my voice!


    To make sure I was on a solid foundation, given that I was dealing with people’s lives, I got a few degrees and certificates along the way, finally achieving a doctorate in psychology in 2014.


    Today, I work with people to recover from the dramas and traumas in their pasts to discover happiness within…moving their relationships from troubled to cooperative, to live healthier, more authentic lives with powerful presence.

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    Relationships at Work, Inc.


    I founded Relationships That Matter in 2005 when I realized that my work centered on people in relationships that matter the most. I expanded this to Relationships at Work as so many people struggled in their work based on emotional pains from the past.


    Today, I help you discover how to recover from the dramas and traumas in your past to discover happiness within so that relationships can turnaround! It takes courage to confront difficult family situations…to face death, loss and change.


    What you learn by working with me are the skills to strengthen relationships, from troubled to cooperative, by reducing conflict and improving communication.



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